Another great afternoon spent at the Victoria & Albert museum, checking out the 12 photographers who were shortlisted for the one and only Prix Pictet. The theme this year was ‘Space’.  If you’re in London, its definitely worth a visit (doesn’t hurt that its free).

For those of you that don’t know, the Prix Pictet is the leading photography prize that focuses on drawing attention to issues of sustainability around the world, especially those that concern the environment. 

Now here’s the fun part, beautiful photographs below 🙂 

  1. Mandy Barker

Mandy Barker

2. Saskia Gronberg

Saskia Groneberg.jpg

3. Beate Gutschow


4. Rinko Kawauchi



5. Benny Lam

Benny Lam

6. Richard Mosse- Winner

Richard Mosse

7. Sohei Nishino (my fav)

Sohei Nishino.jpg

8. Munem Wasif


9. Michael WolfMichael Wolf.jpg

10. Pavel Wolberg

Pavel Wolberg

11. Thomas Ruff

Thomas Puff

12. Sergey Ponomarev

Europe refugees


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