Two completely different worlds are united in the form of a duo exhibition by Italian artist Lanfranco Quadrio and Chinese artist Ruozhe Xue at Rosenfeld Porcini in London.

What these two artists share is an appreciation for classic aesthetics whist exploring the condition of the individual in the contemporary world.

Quadrio’s drawings conveys the emotional torment of the human spirit, with a focus on the political and social turmoil that exists. His reference to Dante’s Inferno is conveyed through drawings of frail bodies and body parts all falling into emptiness, or hell.

Ruozhe Xue’s paintings are an interesting take on the idea of what lies beneath the clothes we wear. Through surreal and dreamlike imagery, and an emphasis on dark tones, Xue is able to convey a sense of timelessness and suspense.

The exhibition is on till the 13th April.

Ruozhe Xue


Lanfranco Quadrio



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