A week ago today, I walked through the doors at Makers House, into a world of creative collaboration that reminded me of all the reasons why I love fashion.

‘Henry Moore: Inspiration & Process’, was a free exhibition that allowed us regular folks access to the creative process of Burberry’s new spring collection, which showcased at London Fashion Week not too long ago. Walking into the exhibition I was greeted by a large projection of the show itself, which was of course, nothing short of what you would expect from Christopher Bailey. Once I walked into the main part of the exhibition I found myself in the middle of around 70 capes that were simply made for queens (one of them actually reminded me of Whitney Houston performing in The Bodyguard). The Cape Reimagined was a clear adaptation of Moore’s shapes, using intricate textiles and techniques.  Visitors were actually able to order them at the exhibition, talk about customer service right?

The rest of the exhibition had the full collection on mannequins as well as mood boards, pictures and drawings on the walls, showing how Moore’s works influenced the entire collection.






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