I came across Emily Filler’s work at The Rebecca Hossack Gallery and was immediately drawn to what looked like really cool collages, but as I examined each piece, I realised I was totally wrong.

Her paintings are based on a collection of fabrics, images, past memories, etc.  which are put together to create a whole new piece of work.  No painting is planned, she literally just goes with her artistic instinct, which is something I’m a big fan of. I feel as though the only way to truly create something special is if you get lost in the creative process (another great lesson I learnt from William Kentridge). Her use of colour is also breathtaking. Its been a long time since I’ve come across an artist that is able to turn the boring old concept of florals into something very contemporary and different, and is not just filled with the brightest colours that exist on earth.

“With my paintings I do not wish to present the viewer with a realistic interpretation of the flower. In fact, I have never created a painting from life. These floral landscapes are created in my mind. By blending colours and patterns into dreamlike images, my goal is to convey the impressions which flowers and nature leave behind in our memories. In creating these paintings I hope to evoke the same joy in the viewer that our experiences with flowers have brought to our lives.”- Emily Filler



Source- Emily Filler at The Rebecca Hossack gallery

Sopa Fine Arts


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