Today I spent my lunch break at The Rebecca Hossack Gallery on Windmill Street, and discovered a Danish artist called Morten Lassen.

Lassen is an abstract painter whose thought process reminds me a lot like that of South African artist William Kentridge. Like Kentridge, Lassen creates through uncertainty, there is no script or sketch beforehand, his paintings develop organically. Interestingly enough, in an interview with The Huffington Post in 2013 (Link below), Lassen expressed  his fascination with the natural and digital world and how they interfere with each other, which is reflected in a lot of his paintings.

The structured thin lines represent the digital world while the unstructured parts represent the natural. He explains that he is not trying to paint what things would look like if the two worlds came together, but instead he is trying to express the feeling of how things could look.



Source: Conversation with Lassen


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