Hey Guys,

I know I mentioned when I shared Anna Laurini’s beautiful faces a few weeks ago, that I would also share other street artists that I love, so today, we will be appreciating the wonderful world of Alo.

Alo (Aristide Loria) is an Italian artist based in London, who is known for his street art which beautify the streets of London, Paris and Milan, to name a few.  Fact is, Alo was the spark that ignited my love for street art. I remember my first encounter with one of his works so clearly, I was walking towards Spitalfields market in Shoreditch and on the corner of a random side road was one of Alo’s paintings. Stripes, stripes and more stripes, model with a long neck, automatically my brain started to explode, generating ideas for a future collection (fashion background and all). Alo’s works are sophisticated (might be the Italian background), captivating and never boring.

Another thing I love about him? He is a self taught artist, which makes me wonder why I bothered going to art school for so many years, if only my parents didn’t love me so much.

Anyway, photos below, enjoy 🙂

Till next time.




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