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Happy Sunday!

Today I’m sharing with you some incredible photographs taken by Akintunde Akinleye, a Nigerian photojournalist whose main aim is to document history  and educate people on the corruption that goes on in Nigeria. Akinleye is the first Nigerian to win the World Press Photo Award in the Netherlands with his Hell from Heaven image (below) that was taken during the Lagos Oil Blast in 2006 which claimed the lives of 269 Nigerians.


Akinleye’s photographs exposes the broken oil industry in the country and the magnitude of the problems Nigerian’s face on a daily basis. In 2013, he gained access to an illegal oil refinery near the river Nun in Nigeria’s oil state of Bayelsa. He documented locals hacking into the pipelines, stealing the oil and then selling it on the black market. As one would expect, the level of pollution caused is unthinkable and the damage done to the surrounding communities is heartbreaking.


A man works in an illegal oil refinary site near river Nun in Nigeria’s oil state of Bayelsa November 27, 2012.REUTERS/Akintunde Akinleye(NIGERIA)


A woman paddles a canoe past oil slick in a creek near river Nun in Nigeria’s oil state of Bayelsa December 6, 2012.REUTERS/Akintunde Akinleye(NIGERIA)



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