Happy Sunday!

As you guys know, I’m a sucker for street art and over the past two years, I’ve found a couple of artists that I’ve fallen in love with (which I will share with you over the next few weeks) and I’ve always kept my eye out for new pieces as I’m roaming the streets of London. There was always one artist whose works I would see around every now and again and I was always curious because I was so drawn to the big bold colours that were used and the ‘simplicity’ of the pieces.

To my surprise one day when I was leaving work, I noticed the artist decided to bring some love to our boring street and so I put up a photo on Instagram and immediately my friend messaged me, telling me she knew the artist and the rest is history!

So Anna Laurini, is an Italian artist, based in London who has been painting variations of the same image on the streets of London for the past three years, and it never gets boring! I’m pretty sure if you live in London, you would have seen some of her paintings at least once.

Amazingly enough, she will be having an exhibition at Lights of London, 25th January-11th March, if you like what you see below then make sure you check it out, I know I will! x



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