Alida Cervantes’ paintings are a historical reference of her life growing up in Tijuana, with a focus on the hierarchical binaries of race, class and culture. Sexual innuendos are used to highlight issues of power and sexism in Mexico, specifically making fun of macho Mexican men which is definitely a great way to make her work memorable.

As I walked around the exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, trying to figure out how I felt about these paintings, I could feel awkwardness in the room. There were grown women giggling in corners like little school girls, and men who looked rather uncomfortable staring at large painting of powerful women and emasculated men.

Clearly, Cervantes did a good job because she was able to provoke a sense of emotion from the audience which is what most artists aim for right? Although extreme, her paintings definitely makes you stop and stare.

alidaalida 3Alida4alida5alida5alida6alida7alida9alida9



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