One thing I told myself when I started this blog was that I would never post anything just for the sake of posting, but then what happens when you don’t really have anything worth posting? The point of me doing this is to share the things that I genuinely find interesting, things that give me some form of inspiration because I find it quite hard to do stuff when I’m uninspired. I guess thats why I love art so much, it excites me, I’m literally in my happy place. When I say happy I mean the type of joy that makes you almost want to cry because it touches your soul.  Yes I’ve been extremely busy but recently I haven’t been able to find anything I’ve really connected with, except for the street art in East London. While we are on that subject, check out another blog I’ve started on WordPress called Candyfloss Skies. I don’t want to say too much about it yet because its still work in progress but its purely visual so yea, check it out!

Anyway enough blabbing for now, I finally found something that made me happy this morning, Yojhi Yamamoto AW15 collection.  If you’re a regular reader you know I have a slight obsession with Japanese photography and fashion. This collection has everything I love, a lot of black (which never goes out of style), draping and luxurious wools. This collection reminds me of a modern version of Edward Scissorhands, or if he had a sister, thats kind of what she would look like.  Super chic and mysterious, Yamamoto stole a piece of my heart.



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