Hey guys!

I hope everyone is having a nice Sunday, either recovering from an awesome night of alcohol and good company or strategically enjoying a cosy day in with movies and hot chocolate  (who wants to be out in the cold anyway?).

So, today I’d like to share with you some outfits from movies I have always loved and wish I could somehow steal. One thing I’m always aware of when watching a movie is the styling so I have this growing list in my head.  Whats on your list? Do tell!

Which one is your favourite?


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  1. Good Top 10. I would have to say Pretty Woman and Scarface are the top choices here.
    But if I may..
    1) The Great Beauty – Italians doing what they do best.
    2) American Gigolo – Male prostitute tells you how to look cool and effortless in Armani. But, will you listen?
    3) Diner – American casual cool of the 60’s. Blazers and penny loafers crowd.
    4) Purple Noon – Alain Delon. Quintessential summer style.
    5) Bullit – Steve Mcqueen…
    6) How to Steal a Million – Peter O’Toole in Classic British style along side Audrey Hepburn.
    7) In the Mood for Love – Traditional Western style and Chinese Traditional attire.
    8) 9 1/2 weeks – Watch it for the sex or for the simplistic style.
    9) A single Man – Directed by Tom Ford, Colin Firth probably had his most stylish 101 continuous minutes in film.
    10) Thomas Crown Affair – Wealth, Tailored suits, Fine dinning. Never a bad combination
    Ferris Buellers Day off – 80’s teenage fashion and nonchalant dressing.
    Rebel Without a Cause – James Dean.
    James Bond Goldfinger – Sean Connery.
    Reservoir Dogs – Killing and Dying with style.


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