David Beckham’s collaboration with H&M continues with him modelling his favourite pieces from the brand’s Spring Modern Essentials collection. Now I have to be honest here, I’m not really posting this for the sake of H&M’s new mens collection but for the fact that he looks like… a piece of candy I would enjoy… haha

David-Beckham-HM-11-Vogue 20Jan15 pr_b_1280x1920David-Beckham-HM-10-Vogue 20Jan15 pr_b_1280x1920David-Beckham-HM-8-Vogue 20Jan15 pr_b_1280x1920David-Beckham-HM 6-Vogue 20Jan15 pr_b_1280x1920David-Beckham-HM 5-Vogue 20Jan15 pr_b_1280x1920David-Beckham-HM 4-Vogue 20Jan15 pr_b_1280x1920David-Beckham-HM 3-Vogue 20Jan15 pr_b_1280x1920David-Beckham-HM 2-Vogue 20Jan15 pr_b_1280x1920David-Beckham-HM 1-Vogue 20Jan15 pr_b_1280x1920

source: http://www.vogue.co.uk/news/2015/01/20/hm-david-beckham-modern-essential-edit


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