Hi Guys,

The Way of The Baye Fall is a documentation of the muslim brotherhood Baye Fall in Senegal, by one of my favourite photographers Fabrice Monteiro, who is a former model/fashion photographer turned photojournalist living in Dakar. I love his work because he finds the most creative ways to shed light on important issues in Africa.

The Baye Fall was founded in 1883 and is a small community of men who celebrate their Muslim faith by working hard and educating the community on Islam. Hard work is actually one of the main principles of the Baye Fall movement, they spend their days working on fields and in workshops making textiles, basket weaving etc. across the country.

Aside from their need to support the community, the Baye Fall are also known for their appearance; long dreads, multiple prayer beads, loads of prints and colour, making it easy for people to mistaken them for Rastafarians. I absolutely love the photos below however the movement itself is quite interesting.

I did a bit of research and found some videos on the Baye Fall worth watching, link below.




The Way of The Baye Falls




Photos via http://fabricemonteiro.viewbook.com/the-way-of-the-baye-fall



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