When I was looking through Hang’s photographs, I laughed a lot, simply because he managed to take nude photos in the most comical way. His images are very different from those of  Nobuyoshi Araki (who’s nude photos I posted a while ago) because he unintentionally found humour in the naked body.

In an interview with Vice, he said he’s drawn to nudity because everyone came into the world naked, so he believes the naked body is the most authentic version of an individual. That makes sense right? You can hide behind layers of clothing but once all that is taken away, you cannot hide behind anything, you’re fully exposed and that is when you are at your most vulnerable state.

Nothing is planned, Hang pretty much goes with the flow which is what makes his photographs even more special. His models are his friends so there is an established sense of trust, and that makes it easier for them to follow his ideas. I also like the sculptural element in his photographs, bodies coming together to create interesting shapes. His work could be seen as vulgar, offensive, grotesque, genius and authentic but I wouldn’t call it erotic because to me, its almost like children or teenagers exploring their curiosity about sexuality. What do you think?

Source: http://renhang.org/Photography-2014

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