This couture collection by Ralph and Russo is the definition of couture heaven, but you have to watch the video on the brand’s website to understand what I’m talking about. The Ralph and Russo woman is sexy, sophisticated, elegant and intimidating to say the least. She is the woman I want to be.

The show itself began with music by Daniel Pemberton, which set a dramatic tone and perfect tailoring combined with tradition and modernism created a collection of the one of a kind timeless pieces that went down the runway. You know what made me fall in love with this collection? The fabric choices and colour palette. I could go on and on about it but like I said, you have to see it to understand. To watch the full show click on the link below. Enjoy!!


R&R18 R&R17 R&R16 R&R15 R&R14 R&R13 R&R12 R&R11 R&R10 R&R9 R&R8 R&R6 R&R5 R&R4 R&R3 R&R2 R&RR&R20


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