Since I started blogging, one thing I have come to love and appreciate is Japanese photography.    The more research I do into finding new photographers, the more in love I am with Japanese street photography. The subjects are often quite intriguing, sometimes humorous, and they remind me of just how much of an individualistic culture Japan is compared to other Asian countries.

Also, the black and white element is what makes each image so much more powerful. I can only imagine the excitement I would feel from just walking through the streets of Tokyo, being amongst all the characters that make up the city, conversations that could take place ( I can’t begin to think of what an old man dressed as a pimp could possibly have to say but I’m pretty sure it would be unforgettable).

I think I’m mostly drawn to the freedom of expression within the Japanese society and how the photographers I’ve come across so far, capture it. Anyway, Arimoto is another one of my new loves, he is pretty cool, his subjects are even cooler…

arimoto16 arimoto14 arimoto13 arimoto12 arimoto11 arimoto10 arimoto9 arimoto8 arimoto6  arimoto3 arimoto2 arimoto13379469345_d413d90506_b




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