Relationships 101…

I came across this post on my Facebook page a few minutes ago and I couldn’t stop laughing. When I was 17, I had a very long phone conversation with one of my best friends, talking about guys and our experience with them (the little we had) and decided to write a post to spread the word and empower girls. (cringe).  Its funny because at that age we thought we had figured it out and had set rules and standards for ourselves but as we grew up those kind of went out the window, the relationships that came after that post tested every point we made and I have to say for myself that I failed most of the time, so I guess I’m one of those that prefer to learn the hard way  lol but its fun to take a trip down memory lane, to remember the girl who thought she knew it all haha…

“this note is to all u girls…

listen to ur father…..

u might think hes talkin bull but in actual fact hes telling u the truth…

some prefer to experience it personally before they understand..

while others prefer to learn from peoples mistakes…

i am a bit of both…

the only person u can trust is God, ur siblings(thats questionable),ur parents(they too tend to hve the ability to screw u over),and urself(depending on ur emotional state u can be a hazard to urself),

we’ve all heard the same thing before over and over again,

1. baby u know i love u
2. i could never cheat on u(BULLSHITT)..LOL..
3. i wanna marry u, b ma baby mama
4. i will never do anything to hurt u
5. i will never make u cry
6. shes just a friend
7. its not u its me (classic)
8. i just dont know how to do the whole relationship thing(dont u just love it)
9. ur the most beautiful thing ave ever seen..(u dnt have  to tell me that)
10. no one will ever love u like i do( i freakin beg to differ)
11. dont u trust me(erm…NO)
12. i had no credit, i was waitn for u to call
13. il do anything possible for u ( jump off a bridge)

if u havnt heard all this its either that ur goin out with a saint or hes freakin gay( better check ur man)…

truth ov the matter is that ‘ boys will be boys’..and they are genetically predisposed to fuck u up…but to be fair there r the exceptions. Think about it cuz ur the one that ends up crying, callin,texting, wondering what he’s doin all the time, even i dont have an answer to that…its like all of a sudden they have no emotion.

One question seriously…how many girls can one person have…thats just being selfish…some people don’t have girlfriends..pls share 🙂 …the most annoying part is when they cheat with someone thts not even  hotter than u…how annoying is that…lol..but then to be honest…like a friend told me…to guys..its like money..u might be rich but its never enough..u just want more…i guess thats true…but also from looking at people and stuff i think only boys cheat…a real man wont..and thats what us girls need..a real man..cuz a real man will know what he has.

If u havnt heard of the 80 /20 rule let me explain…a guy has a girlfriend and she is almost perfect so she is the 80%…but because he is a guy, he can go 2 ways. he can either know his 80% and decide 2 stay n be faithful or he can be an ass and try 2 look for something better. in most cases he ends up with something less…thats the he’s worse off and he wants his 80% back…but she probably wouldnt want to take him back because she realised he was just the 20% all along…funny how life works.

If a guy cannot appreciate you for who you are then he is not worth it. I cannot stress this enough because most girls say they know this but still u find them with looser boyfriends tisk tisk tisk… The fact of the matter is that every girl deserves to be treated as a princess because she is a jewel that only deserves the best treatment in the world. but to get that treatment you need to show that u deserve it as well by carrying yourself in the apropriate manner.

As much as u might think you love him or whatever the truth is that if he doesnt treat u right then he doesnt love u. How can a guy that claims to love u cheat on u, lie to you or disrespect you in any way?(physical or verbal), make u do what u dont want to do by threatning to break up with you or watever..does it make any sense at all?? and u r the one that will actually be ready to do anything for him..thats just not fair on your part..truth is most likely when u leave he’l know what he’s lost.

At the end of the day its left to u to decide what you want for yourself, but always keep in mind that if hes acting up, you can do better. It might be hard, and u might cry and eat lots of ice cream, but in the end its his loss…but look on the bright side..u have gotten rid of the fucked up part of your life…xoxo

P.S- stay away from another girls man thats just tackyy…get ur own..:-)”


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