Spring/Summer 2014 for Balenciaga stayed true to the brands history. Wang incorporated sportswear with elegance, the Balenciaga woman is someone with a lot of confidence and style. This collected was everything I imagined plus more, I had to share up close photos because I think its important to really see and appreciate  beautiful construction.

balenciaga30 balenciaga29 balenciaga28 balenciaga27 balenciaga26 balenciaga25 balenciaga24 balenciaga23 balenciaga22 balenciaga21 balenciaaga20 balenciaga19 balenciaga18 balenciaga17 balenciaga16 balenciaga15 balenciaga14 balenciaga13 balenciaga12 balenciaga11 balenciaga10 balenciaga9 balenciaga8 balenciaga7 balenciaga6 balenciaga5 balenciaga4 balenciaga3 balenciaga2 balenciaga




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