From Love to Loss…

The hopeless romantic is a photography project by Julien Mauve and Pauline Ballet that tells the story of a doomed relationship from love to loss.

‘Is it possible to make the first moments of love last forever ?

We all desperately want to find our “big love”, in fact, it has practically become a necessary condition for happiness. It seems so attainable in the movies, books and music we are exposed to everyday, so naturally we think it must be possible. But is it real?

For most of us, the quest is eternally disappointing. We project our preconceived ideas, our biggest hopes and our wildest dreams on to one another, hoping reality will somehow rise to the occasion. But life isn’t a movie, and there is no guaranteed “happily ever after”.

Hopeless Romantic is a real love story. A boy and a girl find each other, and their story unfolds : from their first meeting to the last moments of their love, from hopeless romanticism to the final disillusion. Because when reality overruns the magic of love and the illusion of romantic clichés vanish, men and women find themselves looking at what and who they really are. As reality sets in, there comes the difficult time when we must conciliate our relationship with our expectations.’- Julien Mauve and Pauline Ballet



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