The Silver Age of Hollywood…


Elizabeth Taylor on the MGM set of ‘Raintree County’, 1956

bob2Vincent Minelle and Gene Kelly discuss the placement of the dancers on the set of ‘Brigadoon’, 1954

bob3Audrey Hepburn and George Cukor, chatting after filming has finished for the day on the Covent Garden set for ‘My Fair Lady’, Warner Brothers Studios, 1963

bob6Michael Caine on the set of ‘Gambit’, Universal Studios, 1965

bob7Katherine Ross and Dustin Hoffman running away from the church at the end of the film ‘The Graduate’, Paramount Studios,1967

bob8Jane Fonda rehearses to herself on the unlit set of ‘They Shoot Horses Don’t They?’, Warner Brothers, 1969

Today’s exhibition was the Bob Willoughby ‘The Silver Age of Hollywood’ at the Proud Gallery on the Kings road. Willoughby is a famous photographer who is known for his behind-the-scene images. He was the first ‘outside’ photographer to be brought in to movie sets to shoot publicity images.

Photo’s can be found here



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