My Hair Transformation…

About 6 years ago I had the worst hair ever, I had experimented a lot by dying it from brown to jet black to light brown to blonde then back to brown. the cycle went on for about a year and I damaged it a lot. Finally I decided it was time to do something about the mess I had created. I never had a brand that I was committed to, I was using hair products that were not right for my hair type (I’m mixed race, half Nigerian half Russian) so I went to a salon my cousin recommended and that’s where my hair transformation began.

My stylist said I had a lot of work to do and I had to really be committed to making my hair nice, long and healthy. He started by introducing me to a brand with the most amazing products that I have now been using for the past 6 years and has worked magic on my hair. I started using the Mizani Renew Strength range because my hair had become very weak and thin from all the chemicals I put on it. Apart from that I use the H2O intense night treatment that helped repair my split ends (now I only need a small trim every 3 months or so) and the Scalp oil treatment when my scalp is dry. After I wash and condition my hair I put in my Mythic oil which nourishes my hair with essential oils without making it greasy. That’s the only product I use on my hair so I leave it to dry naturally because too much heat damages the hair so I try to avoid as much as possible, I use straighteners once in a while but that’s about it.

I had Mizani treatments done in the salon every 2-3 weeks when I first started my hair transformation but now I do it at home because my hair is in good condition. I also use Mizani relaxers. It’s important to find the right brand and stick to it because the different products compliment each other and it is soooooo important to find the right stylist. I can’t allow anyone else to touch my hair apart from my stylist because he has been with me since the beginning and he knows exactly how to treat my hair, he knows what works and what I like. If you build a good relationship with a good stylist they will always do what is best for you and your hair. I recently started adding argan oil and coconut oil to my conditioner and my mythic oil because they help with hair growth. I am still in the process of growing out my hair. I want it to be as long as an 18inch weave or maybe slightly shorter lol.

If you want amazing hair you have to do the work, I am very happy with my hair because I don’t feel the need to wear extensions. I still have them but only when I want a different look and not because I feel like I can’t go out with my natural hair. Having good hair is also a confidence booster . So if you have black or mixed race hair that you feel needs work trust me and do what I did/ still do and you will not regret it!!!!!








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