Me for 2013…

Hey guys,

Happy New Year! I know I have not posted anything in about two weeks and that’s because I went back home for Christmas. Anyway so its a new year (thank God) and I decided that I didn’t want to just make resolutions I wouldn’t keep like going to the gym more or not eating meat or whatever, so instead I’m going to just focus on my road to self discovery which starts with drawing classes I will be taking at the London School of Drawing and Painting and planning my trip to South Africa or Kenya to volunteer at a wild life conservatory. I decided on the drawing classes because I realised a few weeks ago that that I need a creative output since for a while now,  I have been feeling very wrestless and its hard to focus on one thing, so hopefully this will help me a lot and maybe bring some new inspiration to my life.

Anyone that knows me knows how much I love animals. When I was younger I had two dogs and a cat and I loved them to bits, I tried to keep crabs as pets (my mum thought I was mad) and I had a turtle for a while but my dad hated it and made me give it away. Hopefully I will get a puppy soon.  I also remember how excited I used to be whenever I went to the zoo and I don’t think people care as much as they should. I want to do something that will help endangered animals etc so I have been doing a lot of research on places to go so any suggestions would be great!!! Anyway, I hope this years brings nothing but joy and success to us all.monkey


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