Here is my little lipstick collection I take with me everywhere,  I have my Dior Ultra-Gloss flash 542 which is nice on its own or on top of my MAC Creamsheen Crosswires which I just got 2 weeks ago, my MAC Rebel for when I want to look edgy, my MAC Matte Please Me for a touch of colour during the day and my Lady Danger and Armani Rouge D’Armani in Deep Red and Candy Pink for when I’m feeling sexy. I love MAC because they have an endless range of colours but Armani is the best for me because the colour stays all night and my lips do not ever get dry. They do not have a big range like MAC so I tend to stick to my 2 favourite from there but I’m very happy with them so I’m not complaining. I had a really nice bright red lipstick from Chanel but lost it which was annoying but from what I remember it was really good as well but didn’t stay on as long as my Armani lipsticks. What are your favourite brands?


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