On one of my many visits to the Saatchi Gallery, I decided to visit the bookshop, which is something I usually try and avoid because I always end up with a stack of books I feel I must have. Usually at £45 per book, you do the math, its not a cheap obsession.

Anyway, on this occasion I went in and found a book, well a series of books that I fell in love with, no surprise. They were based on the cycles of the Prix Pictet, which was created in 2008 by The Pictect Group, to draw attention to the issues of sustainability with a key focus on the environment through photography.

The Prix Pictet is basically an award given to the photographer who has produced a series of work that’s a compelling narrative on the chosen theme as well as being artistically stunning. There are different themes for each cycle. So far there have been four cycles since it was founded, with themes being Earth, Water and Growth and the current one being Power. So,  I got the book on Power which shows portfolios of the 12 artists that were shortlisted for the award.

Power 2012 Shortlist

Even though he didn’t win, I wanted to share photos from Mohamed Bourouisso’s portfolio because I thought he had one of the strongest photographs, which was the reasons why I bought the book. Through his work, he is able to capture the most intense moments in a scenario. His work is influenced by painters such as Caraviggo, Delacroix and photographers like Jeff Wall. His work explores social reality in urban environments, touching the issues of power and territories of the suburbs in France where he grew up.


The one I fell in love with...
The one I fell in love with…


 Source: Mohamed Bourouissa Prix Pictet


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