Fusion of the People…

I decided to show you guys the final collection I did in my final year at London College of Fashion. I was inspired by South Africa, the native tribes and the street fashion that was evolving in the city. In a society where its difficult for people to be their own person, gays and transexuals were becoming more free and showing off their flamboyant personalities. I thought this was quite fascinating and inspiring because they were being as free as the tribes. I love the bold colours and prints present in both cultures and I focused more on mens street fashion to add a hint of androgyny to the collection. Eunice_Olaye_298Eunice_Olaye_247Eunice_Olaye_165Eunice_Olaye_176Eunice_Olaye_042Eunice_Olaye_114Eunice_Olaye_497Eunice_Olaye_446Eunice_Olaye_330Eunice_Olaye_371Eunice_Olaye_574Eunice_Olaye_548Eunice_Olaye_666Eunice_Olaye_687Eunice_Olaye_604


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