Body Confidence vs Airbrushing….

An advert for the Dior mascara featuring Natalie Portman was banned in New York by the Advertising watchdog because of airbrushed images of the actress. L’oreal cosmetics, a rival cosmetics company claimed that the image is deceptive and the ad misleadingly exaggerates the effect of the product.

The Advertising Standards Authority rules the ad to be misleading because the photo was severely retouched and there was a huge difference between the original photo and the final ad campaign. L’oreal has also had ads banned because of airbrushing. This issue has also attracted political interest, MP Jo Swinson is the front leader for the Campaign for Body confidence which urges advertisers to take control and responsibility of how women are portrayed in their ads. They claim that beauty ads feed on women’s insecurities because they feel that the women in them have looks that are unattainable.

What do you think? When I was younger I would get a bit upset that the product didn’t make me look as good as the girls in the ads etc but at the end of the day I feel like as a woman you need to be secure with yourself and realise that these models/actresses are real people who probably have those little bits about themselves they are insecure about or don’t like. They do not actually look like that!! yes they are beautiful and hot but airbrushing goes a long way. Its amazing what photoshop can do. Nobody is perfect. On the other hand not everyone understands that especially young girls who look up to celebrities etc so I get the need to balance real women and the art of airbrushing.





  1. I agree with what you said: I used to put on makeup and think, “Why do I still have pores?!” But with age, knowledge about the business, and the creation of HD television, I see that the same people wearing the makeup in these ads have the same pores too, even with all the makeup. So I think it’s important to look at these ads like art: they’re not really a realistic portrayal of who these models and spokespeople really look like. That industry, just like the entertainment industry, is selling a fantasy and it’s not real life. I wish mascara would make my eyelashes that long, but I know you either need to be like Claire Danes and use Latisse or wear fake eyelashes like Natalie Portman. I think if we educate young girls and tell them what they’re seeing isn’t accurate.


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