Anya Charikov-Mickleburgh


“My practice delves into desire as an extreme, powerful force in human activities. The realisation of desire does not consist of it being ‘fulfilled, fully satisfied’ (Zizek, 1992), it coincides rather with the reproduction of desire as such, with its circular movement. We can’t be content with our desire: there’s just not enough in the world.
Linking my practice and the critical studies to a symbolic dimension I aim to make something beautiful but at the same time to evoke a notion of disgust, represented as seductive desire that forces us into ‘pleasure’ – insisting that it be enjoyed while we strive against it with all our might.
Passionately believing in painting and that it is still the most powerful, ambitious and stimulating medium to communicate through in the 21st century, I aim to make work which can be screaming, shouting, irritating, moving but not mutely “dead”. I am preoccupied with unlocking the areas of sensation, emotional intensity, capturing the forces of excitement and liberation within a painting.”- Anya
I’m drawn to Anya’s work because of how strong each piece is. Her use of colour and application is my favourite aspect. The paintings have texture which I find very beautiful. Each piece has an identity of its own and it works well as a collection.  In my opinion, painting is one of the best forms of expression. I find it to be quite relaxing as well. Its easy to express yourself through lines, shapes, colour and technique.

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