Derek Gores…

Derek Gores is one of the coolest collage artists out there. Not only is he talented but he is also very helpful. For my final project at LCF, I decided to work on print design and I wanted it to be based on collage. My friend Nat told me about him so I did a bit of research and I fell in love with his work. I decided to email him and ask for advice because I had never experimented with the art of collage. Not only did he reply, but he sent a long message with all the different techniques I could try and he gave me a list of products i could use. He was more useful than my own tutor! Apart from collage work, he also does pencil drawings and mixed media work. Here are some pictures of my favorite pieces and I hope you like it as much as I do!! if you are interested in doing something like this feel free to contact me and I will forward his email to you!! ImageImageImageImageImageImage


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